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Ethical Therapy uses best and evidence-based practices to assist individuals. In other words, we use therapies that are researched to be effective. Everyone we come into contact with is treated to improve their mental, physical, and psychological selves, towards their treatment goals.

Our world is complex, however; problems related to our minds and feelings for example can be understood. Symptoms of depression, anxiety, bipolar, obsessive compulsions, anger, stress, relationship discord are a few examples of adverse issues that can be controlled by you, using the right tools.

Ethical Therapy believes that no issue is too big and that no behaviour is random. You can understand yourself, and exercise areas of your brain, choosing therapeutic assistance from Ethical Therapy.


We provide therapy, case management, and social work services, appropriate towards your needs and goals.

Our services include ICBC claims assessments, co-parent counselling, child therapy, couples counselling, hear the child reports, and mental health counselling.

Sessions are 50 mins to 1 hour.


Amanjot K. Gill, MSW RSW

Amanjot is a Registered Social Worker and Mental Health Clinician. Amanjot assists and supports individuals to reach improved functioning at their own pace, and to be strong and skilled experts of their own needs. She helps build unique and practical tool kits which are versatile in the workplace, during panic or stressful situations, while improving communication with people in life, through chronic health conditions, etc.


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